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Writing your bio:

1. Write in third person.

2. Write for the audience you want to attract at the Great Valley Bookfest. Include a few interesting facts about yourself and your life (for example: titles of books, awards received, quirky hobbies, your motivation for writing, etc.). You may view samples at

3. The length should be approximately 100-150 words (maximum 1000 characters, including spaces).

4. You should compose your bio in a word processing program, then copy and paste it into the space provided below.

5. Be aware that your formatting (typestyle, size, boldface, italics, underlines, etc.) will be lost. Our online content editors will italicize the title of each book.

6. We try to stagger our “new author” postings at least 5-7 days apart, so if it might take a week or more before your bio appears on our website and social media pages. In a few weeks, please visit to check your posting. If you find errors, please contact Karen Arnpriester <>.

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