Great Valley Bookfest

Author Promotional Toolkit

Many authors over the past few years, have asked for ways that might

help to promote the bookfest and their books.

Below are a few suggested things you can do

to promote and celebrate your authorship and attendance

at the 2015 Great Valley Bookfest!

IconTribeBuild a NETWORK of supporters – Invite your tribe to come visit with you at the Great Valley Bookfest through email.Include a link to purchase your book and mention you will be at the Great Valley Bookfest inviting them to come meet you in person. Send your followers to your info on the GVBF website:
IconbooksharePractice your “BOOK STORY” – When someone asks what your book is about, give a 10-20 second synopsis. Think of book promotion as story telling. Why did you write your book? For whom did you write the book? People are always interested in the “why.” If someone brings you your book, offer to write a personal note. An example note might be, “Always keep reading!” with your signature.
IconshareADVERTISE – Purchase a 2×2 AD in the Great Valley Bookfest Special Section Guide distributed to approximately 300,000 readers in the great Central Valley area. Include your website and book titles featured at the GVBF. Author Ads 2×2 (business card size) at $40 for 2015 Great Valley Bookfest Special Section Only – Contact Chuck Higgs at 209-249-3505 or If you would like to purchase a bigger ad please see the GVBF Special Section Flyer – Click Here
GVBFlogobwPROMOTE – Beginning in early September we will have beautiful hardcopy POSTERS to present to the public. Hang them in bookstores, businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants. Please let us know how many we can send you for display. We also have amazing Great Valley BOOKMARKS to give away to classrooms and community organizations. Make a request to
IconBlogWhen you BLOG, mention your appearance at the Great Valley Bookfest and write about which books you will be promoting. Tell the story of how you came to be at the GVBF bookfest this year: why literacy is important!
IconinformationTalk to your LOCAL MEDIA – Create a PRESS RELEASE and send to your local media outlets. Let them know you will be attending the Great Valley Bookfest.
TableShareAUTHOR TABLES – Print out a page of BOOK REVIEWS for your author table amongst other items related to your books. Consider having a couple copies of your books propped up for easy viewing.
IconemailOn everyday EMAIL – Put a link in your email signature line stating you will be at the GVBF and to come visit with you!

IconblogshareSHARE the GVBF on your social media pages –Visit and like the Great Valley Bookfest Facebook page This will help you view and share event information via social media as the GVBF bookfest draws nearer. Grab and Place the GVBF15 Badge on your web info (see front page of GVBF website for image.)