2021 Author’s Alley

The Great Valley Bookfest Festival happening on October 9, 2021 will feature numerous authors, seminars, arts & crafts vendors, book sales, plus gourmet food & beverage vendors.

Vendors will be outdoors so please come prepared for all types of weather.


The Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley (aka Bass Pro Center)
Highway 120 at Union Rd exit
280 Lifestyle Road
Manteca, CA 95337


2021 Authors

June Gillam

Award-winning poet and novelist, June Gillam, Ph. D., is a Sacramento
native daughter who has set her popular Hillary Broome crime fiction series in the
San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys. Honored with the California Writers Club’s
Jack London Award and having worked on their Literary Review editorial team,
June currently serves as president of the San Joaquin Valley branch of the CWC
and is also active in other regional writing groups. Recently retired from full-time
teaching English at San Joaquin Delta College, June loves working with students
and presently teaches one online section of English 1B, Composition and

Alba Arango

Alba Arango writes books that are “imaginative and a lot of fun to sleuth around with.” (Readers’ Favorite) Alba is a retired high school teacher turned full-time children’s author. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she loves coffee and chocolate…especially together (white chocolate mocha is the best!). Join her monthly newsletter at AlbaArango.com to receive a once-a-month entertaining newsletter full of event info, monthly highlights, middle grade/YA recommendations, crazy laws, and all-around mischief. She can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok at @AlbaArango007, and on Facebook at Alba Arango Author Page.

Sierra Jean

Hello everyone, I am author Sierra Jean, but  by far my favorite title is being called Mom by my stripling and bairns. A little about myself would be that I am a lover of nature and all things colorful. I am an artist before a writer, however I have equally enjoyed and been successful at both from a young age. I love crafts, DIY, naps and cookies. I believe laughter is the best medicine along with forgiveness. I’m not a hoarder but a collector of sorts. I love painting, hiking and eating. Before I became a self proclaimed author I collected a lot of student loans being a motorcycle technician. I forsee a book of this endeavor in the future but for now I’d like to tell you more about my book Marley and the Moon:

Marley looks at the moon and associates each phase with a different shape or in her case food! What does a full moon look like to you? A golf ball? A Beach ball? A Volleyball? Or maybe a white sauce cheese pizza? Mmm pizza! Never judge a book by its cover, you might enjoy opening it up differently. Each page is full of vibrant color and excitement. Come along with Marley on her educational yet adventurous camping trip and learn about the 8 phases of the moon in a silly way.

Kim Moretto Niemeier

Growing up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of the Manhattan Project, Kim Moretto Niemeier knew little about World War II and her father’s heroic experiences as a U.S. Army Air Forces pilot flying combat missions over France and Germany. Embracing the mission to write this book gave her a deeper appreciation for those of the Greatest Generation whose stories all deserve to be told. A realtor for 32 years, Kim lives in California with her husband Charles.

Book bio:
On June 12, 1944, six days after the D-Day invasion of Normandy, U.S. fighter pilot Fred Moretto is ambushed by German Messerschmitt 109s. Barely escaping his burning P-47 Thunderbolt, Lieutenant Moretto parachutes into the French countryside where villagers working for the Resistance conceal him from the Germans for two months in a bread oven, a secret perch in an attic, and a hayloft. In 1993, nearly 50 years later, Kim Moretto Niemeier convinces her father to return to France. Reuniting with the people and the places where he survived against all odds re-invigorates his French Connection and launches Kim’s 20-year odyssey to uncover the dramatic details of her father’s inspiring story.

Major Mitchell

MAJOR MITCHELL is the award-winning author of ten historical westerns and three contemporary novels, one of which was selected as a Spur Award Finalist by the Western Writers of America. He has also written three children’s books.  He lives with his wife, Judy, in Northern California.  He is a member of The Western Writers of America.

Claudia Hagen

After a nursing career spanning just over 40 yrs. and 12 yrs. as a commercially rated hot air balloon pilot, Claudia is now retired and enjoying her new career as an author. She published two new books last year during the Covid pandemic: “America’s Topic Secret Rosies During WWII” and “Never Let A Ginger Snap!” now beginning work on her 13th nonfiction book. Her works primarily focus on history, especially WWII history and the part women played during that time. She enjoys the research it takes to create an interesting look at history for her readers. Claudia has received multiple 5 Star
Reviews from a variety of sources including an Honorable Mention award from Reader’s Choice for her ballooning autobiography, “The Mystic High Adventures of Fannie Flame & Crew.” Her latest book, “Never Let A Ginger Snap!” is receiving world wide attention in the redhead community. When not researching or writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, aviation fun, and tries to keep up with her grand and great-grandkids. Visit her website at

John Mangelos

As a local historian, John Mangelos newest venture, Ripon: Past and Present, explores the history of Ripon through the many buildings and structures that still stand. The book artfully contrasts photos of buildings as they appeared when built, some as early as the late 1800s, with modern photos, mostly taken by John himself. Each photo, coupled with detailed descriptions, allows readers to imagine what Ripon was when it first gained its footing. It is filled with familiar names and places that will make a drive-through town feel like a retelling of a new story.


The biggest obstacle was finding accurate photos, John says, “In the 1920s, people didn’t take pictures of their homes. I was fortunate that there was a snowstorm and people took pictures of the snowdrifts. 5 of the homes in the book are there because of those pictures.”

Bob Irelan

Bob Irelan’s commitment to writing began in earnest as a college student majoring in journalism, and it grew steadily throughout his career. Following 10 years of newspaper and magazine reporting and editing, including stints at The Wall Street Journal and Nation’s Business magazine in Washington, DC, he spent 32 years managing public relations for a Fortune 500 family of companies. In retirement, he taught public relations classes at two universities for seven years. He is the author of two mystery novels, “Angel’s Truth – One Teenager’s Quest for Justice,” published in 2018, and “Justifiable – Murder in the Mountain State,” published in 2020. Bob lives in Rancho Murieta, CA, with his cat, Bai.

Rae Rankin

I have been in the marketing and graphic design field for nearly 30 years both in the corporate world and as an independent contractor. I have always loved reading and writing and wrote my first book Cowgirl Lessons for my daughter and the lesson horse she loved.

Cowgirl Lessons was named Best Children’s Book USA at the 2019 Equus Film and Arts Festival and Cowgirl Christmas was named Best Children’s Holiday Book USA at the same festival. Cowgirl and the Ghost Horse was named Best Children’s Short Story at the 2020 Equus Film and Arts Festival and won a Purple Dragonfly Book Award in 2021. My other books Mountain Girl, Mountain Winter, and Beach Day celebrate families in the great outdoors.

I am also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Northern California Publishers and Authors.

Jon Latham

I am from the central valley, currently. Worked most of my life in Minnesota. I grew up bouncing between Las Vegas and Sanger, ca. as my parents attempted to gain better employment. I am a Viet Nam veteran, and ex-police officer, and have 40 years of experience in marketing. I started writing as a hobby due to the death of my wife, which was weighing too heavily upon me. I am a multi genre author of 3 Willow and Birch murder mysteries, a 7 book syfy/fantasy series of which 5 are published, and a straight fantasy novel and one childrens book

June Fern

June Fern is a teacher in the San Joaquin Valley. Her community experienced a tragic incident at a school. Those memories, combined with her observations of the effects that modern-day news reports and safety drills have on her students, have inspired her to write a novel for young people ages seven through ten. She is a member and former officer of the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the California Writers Club.

Bubba Paris

William “Bubba” Paris former, Three time Super Bowl Champion with the San Francisco 49ers; an All-American at the University of Michigan. A motivational speaker, columnist and an evangelist. This is the story of my journey from a confused, misunderstood child-in search of normal, to a young man facing one of my most challenging moments, starting in Super Bowl XIX. Using hindsight I look over defining events of my life to understand the significance that they had on that Super Bowl  moment. I dissect the mindset I had when I made crucial decisions, knowing now the result of those decisions.

The knowledge that I learned as I navigated through the obstacles of my life can help you navigate through yours. Even though you may be at a different place along your journey, this book will help you understand the significance of your decisions and actions. It is a road map with instructions and proven advice that can be picked up at anytime you may seem lost on your journey to discovering your purpose in life.





Jennie Chadwick

Jennie Chadwick grew up in California’s Central Valley. Her funny kids stories are based on her own memories of growing up around peach orchards and grape vineyards. She has been writing for 10 years and there are 5 books in The Peach Tree Kids series. She has done many presentations in school classrooms and libraries. Jennie has traveled to Europe to share her books with the children of US Army families stationed there, for which she received an award in appreciation from the United States Army. She is the current President of the Modesto Chapter of The National League of American PenWomen. Jennie is currently working on the next book in the series and … THERE BE PIRATES THERE!






Sharon Darrow

Sharon Darrow is an entrepreneur, business owner, award winning author, public speaker, and an expert in caring for neonatal orphan kittens. Two of her books are about about animal rescue, Bottlekatz, A Complete Care Guide for Orphan Kittens and Faces of Rescue, Cats, Kittens and Great Danes. Two are inspirational, a memoir titled Hindsight to Insight, A Traditional to Metaphysical Memoir and Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer. Her fifth non-fiction is a training manual about publishing, Navigating the Publishing Maze, Self-Publishing 101. She also writes historical fiction. She Survives, Strive and Protect, and Desperate Choices are the first three books in the Laura’s Dash series, inspired by her maternal grandmother. Sharon firmly believes that life just gets better and richer, the longer you live. Her personal motto is “Find harmony within, then all things are possible.” Her website is https://www.sharonsdarrow.com, her publishing website is https://www.samatipress.com. Email her at sharon@sharonsdarrow.com.







Rebecca Inch-Partridge

Rebecca Inch-Partridge is a freelance editor, who specializes in speculative fiction, mysteries, and memoirs. She serves as a slush pile reader for Amazing Stories Magazine, the world’s oldest science fiction magazine. Rebecca lives in Auburn, CA where she leads several critique groups for Gold Country Writers, including the science fiction group. Several of her short stories and articles have appeared in online and small press magazines. Her story “Nontact,” which is set at an SF convention, recently appeared in Nova Science Fiction Magazine. She invites you to listen to some of her short stories for free at www.ripartridge.com








Joan Griffin

Years ago, Joan Griffin, found her passion in teaching. She taught Writing and Literature to middle school students for twenty-five years. When she retired, Joan began teaching women’s history, memoir writing, and literature classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Sierra College in 2017 and is currently a member of the OLLI-Sierra Advisory Council.

Joan earned a BA in Psychobiology from UCLA and an MA in Contemplative Education from Naropa University, where she also taught Thesis Writing to graduate students online.

In addition to teaching, Joan is currently working with her editor to prepare her memoir, Force of Nature, for publication submission. Joan’s book tells the tale of her monthlong trek on the John Muir Trail and was developed within the empowering embrace of the Willow Valley Writers Group.








Barbara Young

Barbara Young writes to inspire wellbeing, creativity and empowerment with poetry, flash fiction and coffee table books featuring her photography. Her diverse career as a nurse, holistic consultant and mind-body skills educator inspired her first nonfiction book, The Heart that Rocks Health Care, an empowerment book for nurses. She has numerous stories published in NCPA anthologies and was awarded the Risk Taker Award for “On the Porch with Miss Lizzy” in their 2019 anthology More Birds of a Feather. Presently she is writing for children and is the vice-president of internal affairs for Gold Country Writers. Get acquainted at www.byoungbooks.com










Linda Champion

Linda Champion, AKA “The Fairy Tale Lady,” has written and published three books: Fairy Tales for Life, More Fairy Tales for Life, and Conversations With My Auntie Margaret About Sporty Dog. Together with husband Ken Champion, she owns the book-selling business, Champion Writing Creations, LLC. With Ken, a poet and musician, Linda has participated in dozens of book and craft festivals, adding touches of violin with Ken’s flourishes on harmonica. Dressed in fairy tale clothing, they present a complete experience, combining literature, music, and costuming. Linda’s readings of her stories are enhanced by her twenty years as a local public school teacher and training as a public speaker with Toastmasters, International. She has appeared on “Access Sacramento” and “Authors, Writers, Books, and Beyond.” Her original stories may be purchased through her website, ChampionWritingCreations.com and Hillcrest Media Group.






Kimberly Edwards

Kimberly A. Edwards has published more than 100 articles for magazines and newspapers on different topics. She has contributed creative nonfiction pieces to numerous anthologies. Much of her work is based on true stories while traveling and observing the interesting ironies of life. She has led seminars on writing personal histories and memoir. A three-time attendee of Kenyon Review Writers Workshop in nonfiction narrative and hybrid, and an alumnus of Squaw Valley Community of Writers in fiction, Kim is president of the California Writers Club Sacramento. She is author of the new History Pres book, Sacramento Motorcycling, a Capital City Tradition, that chronicles the first 50 years of this sport. Kim encourages writers to look for ways to study their craft, branch out, and never give up.








Gloria Pierrot-Dyer

Gloria Pierrot-Dyer is a former teacher who enjoys writing historical fiction, poetry and essays. Her first book, Allensworth: Two Tales of Triumph, is a work of historical fiction set in Allensworth, the first town in California established exclusively by African-Americans, and which is now a part of the California State Park system. Gloria is especially familiar with her subject because she grew up in Allensworth and attended school in the two-room school house that still stands today as a historic building! She also enjoys historical research, which she uses extensively in her work. Gloria serves as Vice President ofPrograms for the California Writers Club Sacramento. Besides writing, she is a trained singer and church soloist and worship leader. She enjoys spending time with her family–especially her grandchildren!







Catherine McGreevy

The daughter of a diplomat, Catherine McGreevy grew up in France, Spain, and Morocco, where she learned to appreciate other cultures and became a world traveler. She worked as a journalist and editor at a group of community newspapers in Los Angeles before becoming a high school English teacher and novelist.

A lifelong bookworm, Catherine grew up devouring any reading material she could get her hands on, but her favorites were mysteries, historicals, and romantic suspense. Now living in Northern California, she has published several novels in those genres, including The Gardener’s Tale, Chance’s Bluff, A Place Called New Hope, and The Jewelry Case. She is currently under contract with Cedar Fort Publishing.

Catherine is active in several writers’ organizations, including Sisters in Crime, California Writers Club, Sacramento Suburban Writers Club, and American Night Writers Association. You can follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/cathy.mcgreevy.9 and read her blog at cathymcgreevy.wordpress.com.






Michele Drier

Michele Drier is a fifth generation Californian. During her career in journalism at daily newspapers in California, she won awards for investigative series. She is the past president of Capitol Crimes, a Sisters in Crime chapter; the Guppies chapter of Sisters in Crime, incoming president of NorCal Sisters in Crime, and co-chaired Bouchercon 2020.

Her Amy Hobbes Newspaper Mysteries are Edited for Death, (called “Riveting and much recommended” by the Midwest Book Review), Labeled for Death and Delta for Death. A stand-alone, Ashes of Memories was published May 2017.

Her paranormal romance series, SNAP: The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, named the best paranormal vampire series of 2014 by PRG. Currently writing Book Eleven, SNAP: Pandemic Games.

Her new series is the Stained Glass Mysteries, Stain on the Soul and Tapestry of Tears, and she’s working on the third, Resurrection of the Roses.
She lives in Sacramento with her cat, Malley.






Danna Wilberg

Dänna Wilberg has written, produced, and directed multiple award-winning short films. She produced and hosted TV programs in Sacramento for 15 years, is one of the first to be inducted into the “A Place Called Sacramento” Hall of Fame for Access Public Broadcasting and TV, and serves on the Board of Directors for Capitol Crimes, Sacramento.

Ms. Wilberg has been writing mystery/suspense novels for over twenty years. “The Red Chair”, “The Grey Door”, featuring young psychotherapist, Grace Simms, poses the question: What do we really know about a person? Her paranormal-suspense series, “Borrowed Time” features “intuitive” Suzanne Cash, Detective Samson Metzger, and villain’s you will love to hate. She is also published in anthologies world wide.

Aside from writing, Ms. Wilberg loves spoiling her grandchildren, traveling the world, and singing Karaoke. She believes the universe is a mystical, magical realm of which she is blessed to be a part of.







Ron Smith

On the road to becoming an author, Ronald Smith, pseudonym, Bryson Kilmer, served in the Marine Corps in aviation electronics, repairing high-tech lasers and 5G test equipment. He is president of the Sacramento Suburban Writers Club and a member of two fiction critique groups.

Being immersed in several critique groups since the beginning of his writing career, he has not only seen how effective they can be but understands some of the possible pitfalls. His critique strengths are helping other writers increase tension and maintaining the author’s voice, which is neglected by many.

Smith writes thrillers in a handful of subgenres, keeping the technology simple so all readers can understand and enjoy each novel. His first book Point Hope is a suspense adventure that becomes a treasure hunt of the heart. A series coming out, Bend the Light is a paranormal thriller that twists into a psychic triangle of survival.







Kathy Boyd Fellure

Kathy Boyd Fellure is the author of, On the Water’s Edge Tahoe Trilogy which includes The Language of the Lake, Lake Cottage Book Haven and Upon These Azure Shores. She is the co-writer of the Language screenplay which is being pitched to independent filmmakers. Kathy is also the author of four children’s illustrated storybooks ~ The Blake Sister’s Lake Tahoe Adventures Series. Her new five novel series, Across the Pond, will debut in late 2021 with, The Wrong Ocean. The second novel, Harper House, releases in 2022, and the third book Roundabout in 2023. These three and the other two stories travel between England and different American states.

Kathy is a member the Sacramento branch of Historical Novel Society and the California Writers Club. She hosts an annual literary read at Hein & Company Bookstore & Sherlockian Baker Street West in Jackson, CA. 2012 – 2015 Kathy hosted, wrote and produced the TSPN TV Show ~ Authors, Writers, Books and Beyond. She is the founder/director of Amador Fiction Writers (2007 – 2020), she guest speaks, teaches at writer conferences, reads for library story time, and in 2017 &18 she served as a judge for the NCPA book awards.

Kathy currently lives in the foothill gold country of California with her family and two stand-up comedian rescue dogs. She is a lifelong hula-hoopster who most always has a Nikon camera strapped across her shoulder unless she is lap swimming in a pool or in Lake Tahoe.






Harlan Hague

Harlan Hague, Ph.D., lives in California’s Great Central Valley at present
and is a native Texan who has lived in Japan and England. His travels have taken
him to about eighty countries and a circumnavigation of the globe. Hague is a
prize-winning historian and award-winning novelist. His history specialties are
exploration and trails, California’s Mexican era, American Indians and the
environment. His novels are mostly westerns with romance themes. Two are set
largely in Japan. Some of his books have been translated into foreign languages. In
addition to history, biography and fiction, he once wrote travel articles published in
newspapers around the country, and he has written a bit of fantasy. His screenplays
are making the rounds. For more information about what Harlan has done and what
he is doing, visit his website at harlanhague.us.




Terry Wells-Brow

Terry Wells-Brown resides in the lush Zinfandel wine country in California
and writes under the pen T Wells Brown. Terry published her first book in August
of 2019. Her romantic suspense series Women of Wine Country has gained local
and international audiences who keep up with her many escapades through her
newsletter and Facebook groups. Terry’s books focus on a strong sisterhood and
are written primarily for middle aged women, a demographic she feels is
underserved. Recently, Terry won an internship with a short fantasy essay and is
excited about her 7th book, releasing this October. It is the first in her new fantasy
series, Earth Magic: The Last Witch. You can find her on Facebook and Amazon.
if you are interested in her adventures, please sign up for her newsletter

at www.womenofwinecountry.com.






Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

Jennifer O’Neill Pickering’s prose appears in numerous literary journals and is featured in audio recordings at “Writers on the Air” and “Restore and Restory: A Peoples History of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve.” She is the Host of “Prose In the Afternoon” at the Sacramento Poetry Center, a finalist in the New Women’s Voices Competition, and a Pushcart nominee for poetry. She is the author of Fruit Box Castles: Poems From A Peach Rancher’s Daughter.






Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown is known as the author of Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen a funny young adult novel about a teen who discovers what happened to a missing rock star, it’s prequel Beyond the Music, and Parlor Tricked a funny psychic humor novel. Shannon lives in the Bay Area. Her website is www.locker17.com.










Orlando “ZEPS” Molina

Orlando “ZEPS” Molina was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He is the author of kids book series “Rhymosaurs” which blends dinosaurs and hip-hop. He now lives in Stockton California with his wife and kids.














Amber Adams-Dixon-Campbell

Amber Adams-Dixon-Campbell is a Corporate Strategy Director who specializes in process improvement methodology and has spent two decades in business operations. She has worked in the transportation, construction, and healthcare industries. In 2020, she became the debut author of the Amazon Best-Selling book Fierce: The Power of Owning Your Journey.  As a debut author and owner of Fierce Consulting, she is passionate about coaching others to achieve their personal and professional goals.  She also co-leads the Strengthen Inclusion group as part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and serves as a Director-at-Large for the System Women’s Inclusion Resource Group for her healthcare employer.  

Amber is completing her Doctorate in Business Administration from the California School of Management and Leadership at Alliant International University where she is working on research in gender disparities for leaders across business industries, serving as a Student Ambassador to the program. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Earl Warren College at the University of California at San Diego and her Master of Business Administration from Isenberg School of Management at University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Amber was raised in Manteca and now lives in Modesto. She is the mother of three, active traveler and food connoisseur, philanthropist, and active healthcare leader who has spent her career mentoring, coaching, and developing others along their journey. She spends time helping high school students in the Central Valley learn these valuable skills as well because she knows investing in the future generation is the key to our success and is an alumni and supporter of the Manteca Youth Focus service organization. Amber also serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Cancer Executives. For more information or to inquire about her coaching program please email yourfiercestrategy@gmail.com




Jen HartJennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart is a lifelong learner, adventurer, and traveler. She is passionate about spirituality and dedicated to transformation and personal development. Jennifer made a bucket list when she was turning 30 and it changed her life in ways she could not imagine. In hindsight it was a spiritual awakening that reconnected her with her authentic self, others, and the Universe.

Jennifer’s biggest accomplishment that transpired from her bucket list adventures was when she left the corporate world as an aerospace quality assurance auditor and sold all her stuff to travel around the world with no plan, limits, or expectations.

Jennifer is now a Connector and Soul Guide. Jennifer runs Jennifer Hart Connected and the Connected Soul Community. Her business is a connection service and her calling and mission is to connect people seeking growth and change in their lives to the information, services, people, and events needed to support their journey!

Her strengths are connectedness, positivity, fun, adventure, helping people to identify their soul gifts and how to use them, her network of healers, coaches, therapists, & lightworkers, bringing people together, and creating events related to spirituality and personal development.


Rana Banankhah

Rana Banankhah is a Modesto High School senior and contributor to the
first Modesto High School Literary Magazine. Rana founded the Literary
Magazine Club at Modesto High and has served as the President/Editor. She was
selected to serve as the 2021-2022 Student Representative to the Modesto City
Schools Board of Education and was appointed to the State Board of Education by
Governor Newsom to serve a one-year term beginning August 1.




Susan Korn

Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs

Nicolas Hanson

C.E.R Ellwood

Amber Cambell

Ruth Callick

Pam Atherstone

Sierra Jean

Iris Melendez

Nina Perez

Jennifer Pickering

Richard Meredith

John Rallios

Sylvia Ulmer

Danna Wilberg