Activities for Schools/Educators/Students


Do you want to make reading accessible and fun for all? Join other top educators who will participate in Great Valley Bookfest, a nonprofit festival for central valley book lovers.

This FREE regional festival attracts over 6500 participants and provides FUN activities for teachers and students… and for those who tag along with them!  Young readers love the roving street performers and the kid-friendly presentations by children’s authors.  Older readers enjoy engaging talks and demonstrations from writers of various genres, from poetry and thrillers to cooking and self-help.  In Authors’ Alley, participants can meet and interact with authors who answer questions and sign books.  At the Writers’ Corner and Poetry Nook, attendees can get tips on writing and publishing or listen to readings by local authors-in-the-making.  Of course, festival revelers also enjoy the live music, the gourmet food trucks, local wine and beer merchants, and unique craft vendors who hawk their wares….  At Great Valley Bookfest, a very good time is had by all!

Will you join us? Teachers and students can participate in many ways:

  • Stay informed and spread the word: follow us on Facebook & Pinterest!  (year-round)
  • Receive our quarterly e-newsletter in your inbox.  (subscribe in right-hand column)
  • Create young authors with free lesson plans and resources to publish class books.  (year-round)
  • Encourage students to enter our annual Bookmark Design Contest.  (March-April)
  • Join a curriculum-planning study group to design CCSS-based literature lessons.  (summer)
  • Place a Bookfest poster in your classroom and/or neighborhood.  (Sept-Oct.)
  • Hold a “literary character” costume activity in your classroom or school.  (Sept.-Oct.)
  • Participate as a “literary character” in the Bookfest costume parade.  (Oct.)
  • Assign “famous author” reenactments (living history) in your classroom.  (Sept.-Oct.)
  • Participate in “famous author” reenactments at the Bookfest.  (Oct. 10th)
  • Offer extra credit to students who attend an author’s talk or get an autograph.  (Oct.)
  • Expand your writing repertoire by attending a workshop at the Bookfest.  (Oct.)
  • Volunteer in other roles… visit our volunteer page for more information.  (year-round)